• Used Smartphone insurance application: “Protectonaut” by Assona - With Protectonaut, Assona and WebToGo launch an innovative Smartphone insurance application which makes insuring used Smartphones a viable business by reliably diagnosing the device and at the same time providing a compelling end-to-end customer experience. Insuring used Smartphones is a great untapped business opportunity:While new smartphone sales are stagnating, users hold on to Smartphones for longer […]
  • FNAC launches premium technical support service for smartphones and computers - FNAC has introduced a premium technical support program running WebToGo Software to provide effective customer support to their end-users. Digital consumers own 3.64 connected devices on average, expected to surpass 6,58 by 2020*. The need for support grows in parallel with the uptake of these increasingly complex devices. With their premium customer support service – […]
  • Digital customer care for global OEM - The aftermarket has long been only a second thought within the marketing and sales process. Only recently, more and more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have realized the strategic importance of reverse logistics as a competitive advantage. In 2016, a major OEM started to work closely with WebToGo in order to recapture profit and improve customer experience within the whole […]
  • Provide smartphone support where it is needed and reduce support costs - Smartphones are twice as expensive in support compared to feature phones. When things work, they work, but when things go wrong, users turn to hotlines for help or surf the web to find answers. Or they are simply left stranded. In 2013 a major global Telco took up our proposition to address this issue at […]
  • Optimised smartphone repairs Optimised smartphone repairs - A leading repair company was searching for a solution to optimise the repair process from device check-in to return, increasing the productivity and streamlining the diagnostics process reducing costs, time and human errors. WebToGo’s Repair Centre Diagnostics Solution was customised and integrated into the existing processes and is today used to pre-filter smartphones by diagnosing […]
  • Leverage all your services in one on-device portal Leverage all your services in one on-device portal - In 2013, one of the world’s largest national operators issued a tender and selected WebToGo to provide a cutting edge on-device portal for all smartphone and laptop platforms to enhance its customers’ experience and improve revenue. Previously, their customers had to handle a multitude of channels or fragmented apps, with different user-experiences on different devices […]
  • Cost-efficiently build Smart Connectivity Solutions for your OpCos Cost-efficiently build smart connectivity solutions for your OpCos - A large Telco group required a smart connectivity solution which could be cost-efficiently customized for its Operating Countries. WebToGo provided its patented connectivity solution with automatic skinning and configuration based on the SIM card inserted, configurable handover policies and notifications for Mobile, WiFi and LAN connections and basic diagnostics functionality. The IDA Management Server is […]
  • A unique connectivity solution with self-help and usage statistics A unique connectivity solution with self-help and usage statistics - A leading mobile network operator in Denmark required a smart Connection Manager capable of helping users solve connectivity issues without calling customer support. WebToGo provided a connection manager with a troubleshooting tool which automatically checks if the correct drivers are installed and validates the status of the device, SIM card and network. The application suggests […]
  • Always best connected Always best connected - A major Turkish Mobile Network Operator selected WebToGo to provide a Connection Manager Solution to offer always-best mobile Internet connectivity to their customers and offloading of the Mobile Network to WiFi whenever possible. The Connection Management solution provided by WebToGo includes Mobile Device and Connection Management with WiFi authentication and offloading. Pre-paid users can top-up […]
  • Create value from your connection managers Create value from your connection managers - A global Telco approached WebToGo in 2009, aiming to externalise development of their laptop connection management solution. WebToGo provided a unified solution for MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux based on its best-of-breed OneClick Internet Connection Manager. Different configurations with different branding and customization options can be built at the click of a button to […]
  • Cater for your user’s experience with an Internet Connection Kit for routers Cater for your user’s experience with an Internet Connection Kit for routers - One of our key customers deploying our patented connection manager solution turned to us to simplify the initial set-up and configuration of their home routers over all OS types. Leveraging WebToGo’s experience with managing connectivity with any device, we designed a solution that would build upon the Telco’s corporate image of a brand that caters […]
  • Ensure your mobile workforce is always online Ensure your mobile workforce is always online - A leading insurance company in Germany required a connectivity solution for their sales force. A specific need was to allow their sales representatives in bordering rural areas secure access to the Company’s CRM system over multiple networks. Roaming management and automatic fall-back for low or no-bandwidth cases were also in scope. WebToGo provided a connection […]