Our Mission

To provide lasting value in mobile-first customer support through true self-help solutions that drive processes from the device, empowering end-users and support agents regardless of constraints of device and platform.


We are Solution Engineers

Since our inception more than 80% of our budget has gone into creating cutting-edge and rock solid solutions.


We Work With You

We leverage our flexible frameworks and our 18 years’ experience to provide tailor made solutions for your individual needs.

We are Global

With nationals in our team from more than 10 Countries and customers from 30 plus Countries we have learnt to respect different cultures and provide truly global solutions.

We are Efficient

We like to improve our processes every day. To keep order we use powerful tools. Are they accessible from anywhere? Yes!
Can they be used from any platform? Of course.
Are they robust? Certainly.

WebToGo Milestones

Our company has created and developed cutting edge technology for leading international telecommunication companies – such as Orange Group, Deutsche Telekom and Telkomsel. With our customers we have maintained successful projects and cooperations. We’ve summed up some of the key milestones in WebToGo’s development.


Ground breaking solution to connect organizers to the Internet via mobile phones.


First intrinsically profitable mobile Internet service with the Mobile Internet Suite: Email, Web and SMS on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.


Unique mobile optimization engine allows users with limited bandwidth to trade off resolution vs. speed while surfing the web
Surpassed 100.000 successfully connected Mobile Internet Suite users
Patented intellectual property for one-click connectivity on two-device solutions


Launched WebToGo InterAct, a unified messenger connecting Yahoo, AOL, MSN and ICQ with minimal data transmission setting standards as ideal mobile application.


Launch of the OneClick Internet 2.0 for MS Windows, managing connectivity over all available hardware options
First handheld unified messenger integrating Email, SMS and Fax
Launch of OneClick Internet for Mac OS: First automatic GPRS/UMTS connection manager for Mac OS compatible with virtually all mobile phones on the market.
Introduced IDA Systems: This unique framework enables customers to design, build and deploy stable Web-Applications without a single line of code.
First combination of remote desktop and instant messaging


Opening of our software development and engineering subsidiary in Visakhapatnam – India
Opening of a commercial subsidiary in Madrid – Spain with the objective of developing business in Spain and South America


Launch of the Corporate OneClick Internet Connection Manager for .NET devices
Participation in the GSM Association’s initiative “The 3G Notebooks Handbook – Guidelines for the Integration of 3G into Notebook Computers”
Launch of OneClick Internet for Linux: First automatic GPRS/UMTS connection manager for Linux compatible with virtually all mobile phones on the market.


WebToGo Device Management Platform for MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux released
Expansion of its Indian subsidiary
Launch of the client-server Information Push Solution allowing for Mobile Marketing and Advertising
Multi-device support on OneClick Internet is expanded with the addition of embedded MBB technology


Launch of CDMA support on the OneClick Internet Connection Manager
Integration of GPS functionality on OneClick Internet
Launch of the ADSL/FTTH Internet Connection Wizard
Launch of the Self-Service Customised Version Builder


Expanded reach into 14 new Countries in Africa and the Middle East
Launch of WiMax support on the OneClick Internet Connection Manager
Company grows to over 50 employees


Launch of LTE support on OneClick Internet Connection Manager
Launch of standalone Self Diagnostic Manager
Moves into new offices, celebrating 10th Anniversary and adopts new logo


Launch of the Self Diagnostics Manager for Android
Supports Win8 on OneClick Internet and publishes NetCheck App onto Windows 8 App Store
Launch of the MiFi Connection Manager
Improving digital customer support with Deutsche Telekom with Smartphone Hilfe


Launch of the Self-Diagnostics solution for iOS devices
First commercial deployments of the iFrontdesk virtual concierge solution for the Hoteling industry
Launch of a messaging and Ads solution for Android devices
First major customer in Asia


Self-Help Customer Portal deployed in Asia surpasses 4 million users
Launch of a solution allowing secure registration of customers in countries where no ID is required during SIM purchase


Launch of security and protection solution for insurances
First service customers in the after sales branch
Opening our software development subsidiary in Riga, Latvia


Celebrating 15th anniversary and launch of new website
Customized app development for Deutsche Telekom with smartphone remote support for Android and iOS
Signed contract with a major OEM for their global After Sales System
First step to digitalize “Reverse Logistics” with Ingram Micro Mobile


Introducing first off-the-shelf solution for automated home network support
Announced strategic solution partnership with Axiros (TR-069 provider)
Signed contract with a major provider for our IoT solution
Established an on-site demo lab at our headquarters with state-of the art IoT and home network diagnostics


Smartphone Remote Support Solution for FNAC
“Protectonaut” Digital Smartphone Insurance Solution for Assona
Added triple speedtest to Automated Home Network Solution
Research & Development of new products to be launched in 2019


Automated Home Network Support Solution for Latvian ISP
Launched myhandycheck.com the new way to sell used Smartphones


WebToGo is a privately funded company managed by Dr. Peter Duesing and headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Our Customers

Leading Network Operators, Hardware Manufacturers, Device Distributors and Lifecycle Service Providers rely on WebToGo’s best-of-breed technology solutions. A selection of our clients is listed below: